Emilio and Alexandra, Co-directors of SWAG Project

SWAG Project is an Urban Farm, Food Justice and Community Building project in the Weequahic district of Newark, NJ

SWAG Project uses urban agriculture in the South Ward of Newark to create strong bonds of community among a diverse team of people who all care deeply about health and food justice. In addition, our diverse team helps impact the neighborhood by educating students and neighbors and by restoring and farming under-utilized urban spaces.

Company Overview
The project is run as a partnership between the Planting Seeds of Hope, Amplify Consulting and the local community.

Planting Seeds of Hope is an initiative of The Fund for an Open Society.  Fund is focused on building and sustaining racially and socioeconomically integrated communities; and -following that goal – PSH initiatives use urban agriculture as a way to create common bonds between diverse people.( http://plantseedsofhope.org)

Amplify is an urban planning and anti- hunger consultancy focused on using food as a tool for community development.  Amplify works with community, municipal private and public entities to improve neighborhoods at all levels through hands on projects, advocacy, research and public policy initiatives.(www.amplifygreen.com)

SWAG Project is an Urban Farm, Food Justice and Community Building project in the South Ward of Newark. We are dedicated to providing community food access and increasing educational and economic opportunities for local residents. We provide fresh and healthy foods to the local community of Newark’s South Ward and work to empower residents to take control of their local food system and health.

The farm and community center is open to all local residents and visitors as a place to relax or volunteer. Participation in all our events is welcome and we invite all local residents and members of local schools and universities to get involved. We have regular volunteer and open gardening days, as well as harvest and shared community meals. Starting in fall the site will also offer community nutrition and cooking courses, as well as information on food justice and empowerment.

The initial farm site was donated by First Tabernacle to the local community and schools as a place of learning, environmental sustainability, and for the production of local fresh foods. The project is run as a partnership between the non-profit Planting Seeds of Hope, Amplify consulting, the First Tabernacle team, and local residents! We partner with both local schools, Peshine Avenue School and TEAM Charter, as well as multiple other city offices, local non-profits and businesses and university teams!

Email or FB message us to learn about the Farmer’s Market, Volunteering, Enrichment Visits, Events, or Contributions.

Email: swagprojectnewark@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/swagproject

(while you’re there be sure to ‘like’ us so you get all our updates)

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